Green Homes cares about your experience with your new home and is here to help address issues you may encounter. Homeowners should review their New Home Warranty Manual before submitting this form to determine if your request is a warrantable item or standard homeowner maintenance.

With the exception of specified emergencies, all service requests covered under warranty must be submitted in writing. Please use this form to notify us of warranty concerns. You may fill out the form below and submit your request through the internet or fill out a Warranty Request Form (in your Warranty Manual) and fax it to 918-342-4561.

We will contact you to set an inspection appointment. Our goal is to complete all warranty work in a timely fashion. Your assistance in granting access during normal working hours will assist in achieving this goal. Make yourself available to meet with the field representative to review items listed and to "sign off once work has been satisfactorily completed. Service appointments are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Thank you for your cooperation.

For emergency requests and all other questions, you may call our Customer Service Department/Warranty Department at 918-342-4500.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have an emergency condition with your home that presents an imminent danger of harm to persons or damage to property, you should contact emergency service personnel (fire department, etc.) or the relevant utility provider (gas company, electric company, etc.) as appropriate. Consult your Homeowner's Manual for contact information for emergency service personnel and utility providers in your are.