We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our new home. It is so much more than we ever thought that it would be. We feel so privileged to live in such a beautiful home, in such a nice neighborhood. We thank God everyday for this awesome blessing. Your family has been such a joy to work with. We want to thank all of you for understanding our impatience and always treating our concerns with respect. We also enjoyed the many people involved in the actual building process. We loved being able to walk being able to walk on site and not hear cursing and swearing! If it wasn’t for the actual moving, we would build again. We loved the process, the ups and downs, checking on the progress day to day and seeing our dream unfold before our eyes. We truly miss the excitement. We have and will continue to recommend Green Homes to everyone. Just remember, you are not just a builder of homes, you area builder of dreams! We are glad that God crossed our paths! May His blessings remain upon you and may your business greatly prosper!

- The Bickfords

Daryl and Lesa Golbek decided that they wanted to build a house big enough for family get-togethers. Big ones. Fifty or sixty people on many occasion. So naturally she went to see her younger cousin Brent Green, Uncle Ira’s boy, because the family knows a thing or two about building. “We had some pictures,” Lesa said of ideas she and her husband started talking about with Brent. And as he does for so other customers of Green Homes, Brent worked the couple through the design-build process to turn their ideas into reality.
“It was really awesome how everything came together,” Lesa said. “We love our home.” Although some people might have second thoughts about mixing business with family—especially when it involved a major investment like a house—Lesa said hiring cousin Brent to be her builder in 1999 was the most natural thing in the world. “I’ve watched Brent grow,” she said. “He has morals. He has integrity. He is as honest as the day is long.” And, as Lesa and Daryl saw first hand, he has first-rate subcontractors working for him. Which is a good thing. Because not only did the construction have to pass muster with the builders in her family, it has to hold up against her two growing boys. And over the past five years, it has. “Brent does his 110 percent,” Lesa said. “He wants it to last forever.” As for the family get-togethers, they’re even more special these days. “Whenever we get together,” Lesa said, “we always say, thank you, Brent, for making the house everything we wanted.”

- The Golbeks

Robert and Mary Portwood were living in Houston when they called on Green Homes. He would be retiring as technical director of South Coast Terminal after almost three decades in Texas, and the couple wanted to move back home to Oklahoma. What the Portwoods had in mind was a one-story house for retirement. They wanted an open concept with wide doorways—in case one of them needed a walker someday. They needed storage space and wanted a big kitchen. But it had been 28 years since they’d bought a home, let alone worked with floor plans and a custom builder. They didn’t know exactly what to expect—except that with Brent Green, they would be getting the highest quality construction for their dollar. “Absolutely,” Mary Portwood said. “He built my mom’s house. He built my brother’s house. We saw the quality of those homes.” What they came to appreciate were the little things that went into their new home. Like Brent’s suggestions for a storage area over the garage and a regular staircase instead of pull-down attic steps. Or the workspace he left for access to plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Or darker strips of hardwood flooring that separate one room from another. “They also rounded the corners on the arches instead of leaving them square,” Mary said. “That was something else we hadn’t thought of.” After the Portwoods worked with Green Homes via long distance, their 2,400-square-foot home completed in 2003. “It went very well,” Robert said. “He really did us a wonderful job.”

- The Portwoods

Steven Bunch is a telecommunications engineer in Houston who moved from his Green-built home in 2003. Bunch and his wife, Marie, have lived in two houses since then, and they’ve come to appreciate the attention to detail that Brent Green put into their former home off Tacker Road in Rogers County. “It was the quality and the care that he took to make sure no short cuts were taken,” Steven said. For example, when the Bunches decided to go with wooden floors, laminate flooring wouldn’t do for Green Homes: Brent recommended solid oak. But he didn’t stop there. He used three-quarter-inch tongue-in-groove plywood for sub-flooring, Steve recalled, so the finished floors wouldn’t creak when people walked on them. “We got so many compliments on the wood flooring that he put in,” Steve said. “We thought that would be our last house.” The Bunches moved into their home in1999, but left four years later for Houston. They now plan for Green Homes to build another house on property the Bunches still own in Rogers County. Having built one custom home, Steve knows how important it is stay in communication with his builder. These days, with email, he said, that process should be smoother than it was in the late ‘90s. But one thing he knows will be hard to improve on is the value of a Green-built home. “The quality far exceeds the amount he’s compensated for,” Steve said. “We’re going to use him again.”

- The Bunchs

Marty McDonald thought that after 18 months of looking, he and his wife had finally found a house that was right for them, and his two-hour daily commute to Claremore would be over. But it didn’t pass muster from the home inspector the couple hired, so Marty, vice president of the HyPower division of HydroHoist, was back to square one. That’s when his agent said something about a model home he’d heard that Green Homes had built somewhere in Northlake Estates. Marty decided to check it out, and he drove around until he found it. He peeked in a window, and right away he liked what he saw. “I could see the fit and finish,” Marty said. “I knew what I was looking at.” Marty arranged to see the house with his wife the next day, and that was all it took for the couple to decide that it was perfect. They signed a deal within a week, he said, adding, “I think we closed on it within three weeks of my seeing the house.” “The attention to detail is fantastic,” Marty said. The finish was better than he expected. The carpet was better than he expected—much better than construction grade. The trim molding was letter than he expected. In fact, that’s what makes the house so special series of little things that were better than he expected. “Brent as a person is wonderful to deal with,” Marty said. “He did everything he said he would and more. He made sure we were happy.” Green Homes landscaped the property to the McDonalds’ wishes, and the couple moved in to what Marty says the best house he’s ever lived in. “I showed up on his doorstep about the same day he decided to sell it,” Marty said. “We were fortunate that this house was already finished.”

- The McDonalds